Archives Concentration

This part of the portofolio showcases my concentration in Archives.

Course LI809XJ Introduction to Archives: The objective of this course was to understand the complex meaning and functions of archives, identify the seven domains of archival practice and guiding principles of archival practice including selection and appraisal arrangement and description, reference and access, and outreach and advocacy. Knowledge for providing, managing, and administering information services in archival environments, demonstrate archival mission and emerging technologies, identify best practices for long term preservation and the laws, regulations and ethical considerations.

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Course LI818XJ Archival Arrangement and Description: The objective of this course was to describe the basic principles of archival processing, archival descriptive standards, and issues related to access and retrieval, and demonstrate familiarity with databases and catalogs. Describe the impact of technology on policies and practices for archival arrangement and description, know the distinctions and relationship between physical and intellectual control, and describe current issues related to archival records and materials.

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Course LI827XI Preservation Strategies: The objective of this course was to define preservation vocabulary, ethical and care for library and archival materials, major causes of deterioration and collection assessment and evaluation. Describe resources on the preservation, preservation plan, and disaster plan for libraries and archives, and understand the fundamentals of sustaining digital collections.

The objective of this assignment was to collaborate with another student to select a format, and prepare a preservation fact sheet. We chose Medieval Manuscripts for our topic, because we both have a passion for art and collections. Our objective was to explain the format history, major causes of deterioration, collections care and ethical treatment, collections assessment for exhibition, and describe resource for re-formatting, preservation. Please visit the link below, and enjoy.

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