Program Outcomes

“Articulate a philosophy of ethical and client-centered information services for the library and information professions.”

Course LI801XC Foundations of Library and Information Science: Describe the missions and values of libraries and information organizations from past to present, identify current and developing issues in libraries taking into account a variety of political, economic, technological, and social forces and attain knowledge of the basic principles of information ethics and the ability to apply a model for ethnical decision-making, and identify and integrate personal values, beliefs, and behaviors with core tenets of the library and information management profession.

Reflection. Course objective was to be able to explain the basic principles of information ethics, to work as a group, and learn a model for ethical decision-making. I designed a Newsletter in Publisher, while the other group member helped write related articles and advertisements. The assignment also required a PowerPoint explaining the Case Study.

Our project was for a GA Healthcare: Global Medical Research Company in a special medical library serving local and remote workers in the health care industry. The moral dilemma was privacy in a corporate environment. The issue was the librarian was keeping records of the patrons’ name, department, and services requested. The librarian was gathering usage data to statistically report his workload; however one day, a manager asks for the usage data of an employee. Conflicted by the professional code to protect the privacy of an individual and the request made from the company she worked for caused an ethical dilemma. In the end, the librarian reluctantly turned over the data collected.

Product. Privacy Case Study_PowerPoint

Product. Privacy Case Study_Newsletter

“Explain and implement the development, maintenance, and management of collections and resources to meet specific information needs.”

Course 855XC Collection Development and Management: Describe various activities and process and the different role each plays in ensuring a balanced collection, discuss the procedures for the selection and management of resources, define the characteristics of a written Collection Development Policy, distinguish between selection and censorship and ethical issues surrounding collections, and justify collection evaluation and evaluation methods. Define collection preservation, the main causes of deterioration, and identify preservation planning and a disaster plan.”

Reflection. Each student was to choose a respected topic and write a research paper with 3’x4′ poster. The goals of the project was to distinguish between selection and censorship, and explain the ethical issues surrounding collection development, and justify the necessity of collection evaluation and describe a variety of evaluation methods.

My topic was Developing Collection for Fiction and Nonfiction Graphic Novels in Libraries. The combination of vivid appearance and complex material of fiction and nonfiction graphic represent unique opportunities and issues for libraries. The literature review paper explore published articles to discuss the inclusion of developing fiction and nonfiction graphic through supporting, promoting and collecting GNs in the library for all ages.

Product. Developing Collections for Fiction and Nonfiction Graphic Novels_Poster


“Explain, use, maintain, and develop systems to organize and retrieve recorded knowledge.”

Course LI804LX Organization of Information: Discuss information access systems, explain and provide examples of systems, and explain theories of organization is applied to the design of information retrieval. Identify the organization of information material and resources in various environment, and demonstrate relationships between information collections, theories and practices of their organizations.

Reflection. The project was to choose an existing a schema of organizing information, and write an explanation and summary in a three-page paper.

For this paper, I choose Metadata Schema of Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA). The paper focuses on the background, purpose, types of CDWA meta, data structure of CDWA, characteristics of CDWA that consists of extensibility, flexibility, interoperability, and element with example provided.

Product. Metadata Schema Analysis

“Employ current and emerging technologies effectively for communication, and search for, identify, repackage, and deliver information resources.”

Course LI802XC Info-Seeking Behavior and Reference Services: Identify and evaluate the basic types of electronic and print resources available, discuss the components of information literacy, apply instructional strategies for reference services, and create an instructional model related to course topic.

Reflection. This assignment was to create an instructional model for Indexes. Our group choose to create a instruction model in Prezi to educate patrons the purpose, the history, search strategies, types of indexes, genre indexes, and example of Maine Writers Index. The objective of the assignment was to actively practice and instruct others to search, select, analyze and use published online research.

2016-07-03 (2).png

Product. 802_Indexes_Webinar_Prezi

“Retrieve, evaluate, and synthesize information resources to fulfill an information needs assessment; evaluate the usefulness of these resources to the user.”

Course LI802XC Information and Seeking-Behavior and Reference Services: Describe individual differences, learning styles, and apply instructional strategies for user-centered reference services. Identify and evaluate the basic types of electronic and print resources available, discuss the components of information literacy, and create an instructional model related to course topic.

Reflection. In a group the objective for this assignment was to create a website Pathfinder that best helps the patron and connect them with the right information

For this project, our groups created a website in WordPress for Young Adult readers to show the different genres and theme, read reviews, and provide resources for parents and teens in the YA reading culture. Click on the link below to see more.

2016-07-03 (1)

Product. YA Summer Reads_Website

“Evaluate, critique, and discuss new research in the field; assess library or information problems and identify an appropriate research method.”

Course LI810XC Research in Library and Information Science: Describe the importance of research to the practice of library science, explain the stages of research and their methods, discuss ethical issues in conducting research, and analyze and critique methods and findings from current library and information science literature.

Reflection. The purpose of this assignment was to demonstrate abilities to within a specific library type (pubic, academic, school, or special library) and pose a question that is answered through a review of published literature.

For this paper and poster on Improving Learning and Living through Green Library Spaces describes how public libraries can develop initiatives to design green buildings to help protect the negative effects of climate change and improve the learning and living spaces to enrich culture, foster creative thinking and promote social gathering in the community.

Product. 810_Evidence-Based Paper

855_Literature Review_Poster

Product. 855_Literature Review_Poster

“Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning by participating in professional development activities and disseminating new information to colleagues and patrons.”

Course LI825XJ Multicultural Resources and Services for Librarians. Maintain a broad knowledge of multicultural literature for various individuals and groups across various abilities, beliefs, gender identities, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic levels for all readers.

Reflection. This assignment was to write a long-form book review from a selected list of non-fiction, biographical, and autobiographical books related to multicultural topics.

For this assignment, I choose to read Feminism is for Everybody, by Bell Hooks. I was immediately taken by Bells very persuasive argument and why feminism is still pertinent and a significant issue today that effects everybody.

Product. 825_Long Book Review

“Aid in effective and appropriate change in library and information services through collaboration, communication, and collegiality.”

Course LI805XC Administration and Management: Demonstrate basic principles of organizational planning, identify the elements of a budget and describe the characteristics of an organizational structure and relationship between the structure and staff. Basic principles of human resourcs, define the elements of project management and effective team-work, and explain elements of physical facilities management.

Reflection. This assignment consisted of a library reorganization and budget reassessment case study. We were provided the Case, the Staff, and the Budget, and were required to make changes that resulted in the library’s organizational structure as well as make budget reductions.

Product.The Template The Budget The Organization Structure