Program Value 1. SERVICE
“Commit to quality client-centered services, advocate for equity and value diversity in its many forms.”

Course LI825XJ Multicultural Resources and Services: Identify historical and contemporary access issue for traditionally oppressed groups, learn the importance of library services for African American, Asian American, Latino, Native American and other multiracial groups, and apply the principles of collection development for these groups.

Reflection. Required reading Some of My Best Friends Are Black, by Tanner Colby, the assignment was to design a Service Learning Project for a specific age group for the Johnson County Library.

My program was developed from the first chapter ‘Letter from a Birmingham Suburb’ in the Tanner Colby book. The program is to map the bus route, schools, and White and Black neighborhoods during segregation and the changes that follow desegregation. Colby elaborates that in Birmingham, Alabama, once called one of the most segregated city in the South, many schools resistanced allowing Black students into their schools. This program will map the high schools that were there (and with a little historical research from the librarian to locate any changes that may have occurred), designate the White and Black neighborhoods and the map the school bus routes from school to neighborhoods where students lived. Independent schools were also built to create more segregation and the busing system from forced segregation was expensive and a major inconvenient. The program can also incorporate the loss of jobs of Black teachers, administrators, and enrollment of black students to gain further information and awareness that may use in integrated advisory and programming.

Product. 825_Service Learning Project for Johnson County Library

Program Value 2. LEADERSHIP
“Demonstrate leadership potential, with creativity in problem solving and openness to new ideas.”

Course LI804XC Organization of Information: Technical knowledge and skills. Employ current and emerging technologies effectively for communication, and to search for, identify, repackage, and deliver information services.

Reflection. In groups students were to select a set of information objects for which they will develop and present an organizational schema.

For this project, I lead our group in the decision to create a fun schema by organizing different types of zombies seen in film, TV and books, and I designed a zombie-themed PowerPoint for our presentation. I designated each part of the project out to my teammates that allowed greater design control. The project allowed us to have fun with a popular topic in multi-media format, while creating a metadata schema from scratch. Please enjoy the PowerPoint pdf.

Product. Organization of Information Lab

Program Value 3. INTEGRITY
“Exhibit ethical behavior, knowledge, and attitudes.”

Course LI855XC Collection Development and Management: Gain knowledge in develop procedures for selection and management of collection material, and explain the ethical  issues surrounding collection development and deselection.

Reflection. With a partner, this assignment was to evaluate a library or information center, with reference to Collection Development Policy to prepare an action plan from an existing policy, based on a proposed 15% collections budget cut, and recommend specific steps to maintain the integrity of the collection.

This project my partner and I created a special library collection assessment for The International Career Development Library (ICDL), based on an existing budget. The objective of the special library was designed handle a breath of services and resources, and to make the lives of students and professionals easier to manage when looking for employment on a local, national, or international level. This means providing resources that will help clients get jobs, while managing the 15% budget cut.

Product. 855_MirabalandHaberkorn_CollectionAssessment

Program Value 4. MENTORSHIP
“Guide and teach current and future clients and information professionals to ensure the continued growth of the field.”

Course LI815XU Information Technology: Identify and evaluation resources and tools for emerging technologies, evaluate vendor proposals and make recommendations for technology solutions, discuss assess issues for diverse populations, and technology roles information organizations serving communities. Develop appropriate training methods to support end-users needs, implement technology solutions, and identify policy framework surrounding technology and the best support in the promotion of intellectual freedom.

Reflection. The objective of this assignment was to a presentation of a chosen technology/resource, and address the strengths and weaknesses of the technology, demonstrate/explain how it functions, and discuss how it could be relevant to libraries. The assignment was to be the sole content expert on the topic and be able to teach others in person. OER Commons is a dynamic digital library, educational resource, and relates to the family of 21st Century “survival literacies” includes six categories: basic or core literacy: reading, writing, oralcy, and numeracy, computer literacy, media literacy, distance education and E-Learning, cultural literacy, and information literacy. It’s ideal for educators to elevate and expand the role of school librarians, and transform their capacities as instructional leaders, who support advancements in STEM learning.

Product. 815_OERCommonsTutorial